Why not Italy? is a Think Tank that, as an independent and self managing initiative, aspire to promote, demonstrate and illustrate the best side of the Italian system as a whole at international level.
The aim starts from a relevant group of top class University Professors, Business Advisors, Private Equity General Partners and Institutional Bodies Representatives with a successful international high-level track record, willing to highlight to the international community the positive figures of the Italian entrepreneurial system – in several cases completely unknown.
Why not Italy? is a platform to attract talented human capital and people willing to invest in Italy.
Why not Italy? set out from a clear financial view of the issue of Italian competitiveness but, defending the role of Italy as a target for the inflow of capital by leveraging the credibility and know-how of its members as weighty “testimonials” and international capital markets business operators, Why not Italy? assumes the positive role of a civil service to the Country and to the International Investors Community. The group is based on simple and effective rules which include adhesion to the group restricted to key-players admitted only via unanimous approval without chances to delegate the participation.